OER Conference for Social Studies After Party // 2023

 Thanks so much to everyone for your participation in the 2023 OER Conference for Social Studies. From the first session with Yohuru Williams on teaching uncomfortable history to the final session on teaching graphic histories with Trevor Getz, the day was certainly engaging and informative!

What will you take from these discussions to share with your colleagues as you prepare or the upcoming school year? 

Post your comments below and let’s keep the conversations going!

Top Replies

  • Dr Yohuru Williams, your presentation is epic!   I would love to plaster my classroom walls with all the slides of your presentation. 

  • I think a great mini project would be "Conversations across time" where you give students a chance to have an historical dialogue between figures using primary sources.  Dr. Williams kept referencing…

  • In facilitating discussion in classrooms, I have developed a protocol that I use to try and balance participation in the discourse, and to support my students in staying on topic. I go over this in the…