"Confronting Anti-Semitism" video

This video offered a claim at the beginning, "Young students were alarmed that their peers lacked a basic understanding of the Holocaust."  This specific horror, the Holocaust, stokes fervor and imagination within students as they begin to explore it.  It is refreshing to hear that some students were so concerned that peers lacked knowledge of the event that they approached their teacher, and the teacher acknowledged the understanding and included deeper analysis of it within an academic course.  I observe that if students lack information about the Holocaust, they may show considerable knowledge with other historical topics of discrimination and prejudice (race relations, religious tolerance, ethnic sensitivities, human rights, among others).  I take it as a challenge to make sure students leave high school with an ability to explain such twentieth-century historical events as the Holocaust and why it is necessary for these students to consider these past events as they live out their lives in the twenty-first century.  

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  • I'm wondering about modifying this approach for a Middle School Unit on the Civil War and Racial Injustices / Enslavement.  Very powerful approach.  I like how each day the students were doing student…

  • This is a very impressive unit! I loved how students had so many chances to puzzle things out on their own!  It doesn't seem possible that it was only 4 days!

  •   Your question reflects an experience that is likely evident in many classrooms.  My course of action may be to talk with a student one-on-one, to learn about how the student is thinking about…

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