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We're very grateful to the following organizations for providing feedback and inspiration as we developed this year's OER Conference for the Social Studies. 

Arizona Council for the Social Studies
ACSS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality instruction for students and support for Social Studies educators

Ohio Council for the Social Studies
The Ohio Council for the Social Studies serves as the premier voice for social studies professionals in Ohio. We advocate for the vital role of social studies and assist educators through professional development for the delivery of effective and innovative instruction.

Oregon Council for the Social Studies
The Oregon Council for Social Studies represents the diverse spectrum of Oregon education professionals concerned and involved with social studies education. OCSS is an organization that seeks to foster professional growth and articulate positions for the social studies profession on relevant issues for educators and the public community.

Maryland Council for the Social Studies
The Maryland Council for Social Studies (MDCSS) is dedicated to the promotion and support of social studies education in Maryland and the United States. MDCSS works to build a community of social studies educators in the state of Maryland, and through this network advance cultural understanding, respect for human differences, and an appreciation of diversity. MDCSS provides high quality professional development and instructional resources for Maryland social studies teachers and works to recognize excellence in social studies instruction at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Utah Council for the Social Studies 

Washington State Council for the Social Studies
The Washington State Council for the Social Studies is a nonprofit/volunteer organization led by Social Studies teachers throughout Washington State.  We aim to be the premier resource for connecting Washington's Social Studies educators to high quality professional development, developing professional relationships, and advocating for the advancement and funding of the Social Studies in Washington State.

World History Association (WHA)
The World History Association (WHA) is a professional association of scholars, teachers, and students organized to promote world history by encouraging teaching, research, publications, and personal interactions. It was founded in 1982 by a group of university faculty and secondary-school teachers determined to address the needs of a newly emerging historical sub-discipline. 

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