Nice to Meet You! OC for SS Introductions

 The 2022 OER Conference for Social Studies provides the opportunity to connect with people from around the globe who share a love for education. Share where you’re from in the comments below. Let’s see how many countries are represented at the conference! 

Top Replies

  • I am incredibly excited to attend the OER Conference for Social Studies for the second time. This event is a wonderfull opportunity for educators from around the globe to connect with each other and learn…

  • Hello from northern Michigan! Looking forward to connecting with others and getting inspired to start a new school year at the OC this year!

  • Greetings from Los Angeles, CA! I teach BHP at the 6th grade level.

  • Hi everyone - I'm Kari Kelso, your Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Civics Administrator (Sacramento, CA).  I connect teachers to their local or regional federal court for field trips, court observations, judicial Q and A, career panels and court tours. I also support our Ninth Circuit Civics Essay and Video Contest coming out in early fall with a deadline typically around April 15th.  The contest makes a great extra credit project!  I am looking forward to the conference and learning more about the OER platform and looking for ways our courts can better support teachers and students.  If you have questions about how to connect to your federal court for educational programming - please reach out! 

  • Hi, I'm Sacha Mike. I teach for Washington Connections Academy in Washington State. I teach World Geography and US History to 9-11th graders, and on rare occasions 12th graders. I'm excited to attend this conference for the first time. I live in rural, Central Washington in what is called Washington's Wine Country.

  • Hi, I teach high school History and acivics online. I am excited to see how I can better serve my students. 

  • Excited for the conference, I teach 7th Grade Ancient world history!

  • Good Afternoon!  I'm a Middle School Teacher in Maryland.  I work in partnership with my School as an AmeriCorps Volunteer Teacher.  I often say I am a Historian by training and a Teacher by calling.

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