Nice to Meet You! OC for SS Introductions

 The 2022 OER Conference for Social Studies provides the opportunity to connect with people from around the globe who share a love for education. Share where you’re from in the comments below. Let’s see how many countries are represented at the conference! 

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  • I am incredibly excited to attend the OER Conference for Social Studies for the second time. This event is a wonderfull opportunity for educators from around the globe to connect with each other and learn the best practices that teachers apply in their communities. I currently teach outside of Pittsburgh, PA. One of the reasons I was attracted to the OER Project is its wonderful examination of The Industrial Revolution in Era 6, The Long Ninteenth Century. Due to its abundant natural resources in coal, timber and iron, Pittsburgh was truly at the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution. Of course, the city is so proud of its history their football team, The Steelers, were an important symbol of the city particularly in the 1970s. They still are today. Many of our students have relatives that worked in the industry and, still do, so this is an issue that continues to be an important part of our students' lives. As our learners' study the impact of the Industrial Revolution globally, they can relate to the causes and effects that have impacted other communities, as well as their own. Below is a picture of our student work. The picture features the child labor struggle that occured as a result of the Sadler Report and the comparison of Egypt and Japan as both countries industrialized. Looking forward to discussing these and other topics with all of you soon! - Jeff from Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Hello from northern Michigan! Looking forward to connecting with others and getting inspired to start a new school year at the OC this year!

  • Greetings from Los Angeles, CA! I teach BHP at the 6th grade level.

  • Greetings from New York City! My school is in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I teach 9th grade global using Origins. I'm excited to participate in my first OER Conference for the Social Studies! 

  • Hi everyone. I am excited to attend from Salem, Oregon. I have been teaching for 16 years and online for 2 years. I haven't used the curriculum yet but have been "stalking" it for a year now. I plan to use some of it in my World Religions class this year and am writing it as a course for my online learning program (part of our large public school district) as a pre-AP World History course pre-requisite) and then also writing the AP World History-Modern course as something we can offer to make our school unique. I am so excited to attend this conference to learn more!

  • Hi from central New Jersey! I teach WHP to 9th graders as well as US History and AP Human Geography.

  • I'm Amanda, I teach World History in NJ, as well as Latin II, Latin III, and AP Latin. This is my 1st year teaching history (as you can see I'm a Latin teacher)... OER seems to be the way to go, as I won't have to create my own stuff for a first timer...

  • Greetings from Wathena, KS.  I'm an History Education major who actually teaches K-5 Art, but once my degree is done I hope to teach Social Sciences to high schoolers in the school I work in.

  • Greeting from Sydney, Australia! I teach various history courses to students in years 7-12.

  • Greetings from Boston, MA! I teach AP Economics and World History in the Boston Public Schools. Excited to connect with folks with about how best to engage students with OER's resources. 

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