OC for SS After Party // Crafting Inquiry Live Discussion // 08-03-2022

What a rich conversation on the impact of inquiry on student performance and teacher instruction!

What will you take from this discussion to share with your colleagues as you prepare or the upcoming school year? Post your comments below and let’s keep put that inquiry into practice! 

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  • I keep coming back to this idea about building community. Inquiry creates a natural environment in which students are curious and want to learn. As they work together in deliberate groups to solve problems…

  • Hi Joshua, that is a GREAT question. I have found (in teaching adults) that NOT allowing them to choose their team provides a better opportunity for growth because otherwise they'd choose someone they…

  • I asked this in the chat and got some really good advice from Abby and Meaghan but if anyone else wanted to contribute:

    It sounds like thoughtful groups and group work are a foundation of Inquiry based…

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