OC for SS After Party // Keynote by Kathy Swan // 08-03-2022

Kathy Swan’s approach to crafting inquiry and compelling questions is inspirational. After listening to her keynote address, what resonated with you? What questions do you still have?  

Share any thoughts and questions in the comments below. 

Top Replies

  • I love the focus on pluralism re: ideas. Using inquiry to promote student engagement is one of my consistent goals and there were awesome suggestions for attaining more and better. Thanks! 

  • Posing questions requires intention; not all questions are created as equal.  In our History class, we privilege questions that begin with How, Why, or To what extent.  We find these are stronger questions…

  • When we have a RIGHT answer, we’re not providing students an opportunity to inquire. However, if we structure the question in specific and intentional way, valuing pluralism over individual perspectives…

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