OC for SS After Party // Bringing Context to World Events // 08-04-2022

Helping students navigate global perspectives and distinguish accurate information is essential to having an informed society.  

We’ve also got an amazing list of Native American classroom resources from the Live Discussion participants for you! 

What was your greatest takeaway from the Bringing Context to World Events Live Discussion? Share your perspective in the comments below! 


Top Replies

  • Jerad's response about "taking for granted the contributions of people" and Edwin's response on understanding  the idea of our relationships to the world and that helping us to realize…

  • We are part of creation, we are not the pinnacle! The beings we can see, smell, touch have something to teach. Connecting to the natural world helps us be mindful of our place in the world, as part of…

  • I think it’s important to include Native voices when teaching indigenous perspectives; as pointed out in the discussion, knowledge is informed by experience. As this discussion was going on, I pointed…

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