OC for SS After Party // Engaging Conversations Live Discussion // 08-03-2021

We hope you all found the Engaging Conversations Live Discussion to be, well, engaging! It’s sure to have sparked some ideas for you. Which of the strategies that were discussed would you like to incorporate into your teaching practice this year? Post them down below, and let’s keep this conversation going!   

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  • I am looking forward to investigating the graphic biographies available at the OER Project that were discussed to see how they can fit into what I do in my classroom. I also appreciated the reminder that…

  • One thing I've found supremely helpful is to provide students/adults with Socratic sentence starters + blooms verbs (do this as you introduce the topic/activity so they can use it to process and then…

  • I really like the idea of bringing in experts, guests to model a debate, or professors. I would like to see if I can bring this "real world" into the classroom, kind of like a flipped field trip.…

  • The Silent Auction (I think that's what it's called) method was mentioned that stood out to me.  Having students pass the paper around and engage in a conversation that way without having to speak out loud in front of everyone.  This may help to get some students engaged that may otherwise would have stayed non-engaged.  I'm going to try this method in class, but it may involve several different discussions so that there is not a lot of waiting around for people to write.  Any insights of how best to implement this method in a large class (25 students or so) would be greatly appreciated.

  •   I usually use this kind of strategy when I have 4-6 topics for students to discuss and respond. The papers can rotate among student groups or students can rotate to stations in the room. Either way, students always have a task so it minimizes "down time." 

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