OC for SS After Party // Engaging Conversations Live Discussion // 08-03-2021

We hope you all found the Engaging Conversations Live Discussion to be, well, engaging! It’s sure to have sparked some ideas for you. Which of the strategies that were discussed would you like to incorporate into your teaching practice this year? Post them down below, and let’s keep this conversation going!   

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  • I am looking forward to investigating the graphic biographies available at the OER Project that were discussed to see how they can fit into what I do in my classroom. I also appreciated the reminder that…

  • One thing I've found supremely helpful is to provide students/adults with Socratic sentence starters + blooms verbs (do this as you introduce the topic/activity so they can use it to process and then…

  • I really like the idea of bringing in experts, guests to model a debate, or professors. I would like to see if I can bring this "real world" into the classroom, kind of like a flipped field trip.…

  • I consider myself being successful at creating full class and small group discussions, but still want to keep finding new ways to engage the most reluctant students.  I can get them involved eventually, but I'm not satisfied any longer waiting until week five or six of a trimester.  What are some resource or ways some of you have used to make engagement happen FASTER?

  •  do you think a Chalk Talk/Silent Debate/Carousel Brainstorm might work? I post topics on large paper or markerboards around the room and have students write their responses. I find that this creates an entry point for students who might hesitate to speak in a full-group setting. 

  • I'm a doodler myself, so I've also given kids note paper where I add some cartoons that are related to the subject.  Usually I get some drawings back, or some captions, or even written notes.  It's a way to get them to just think about the topic even if they are not willing to speak.  If they give me the paper at the end of class, I can also read pretty well what they were thinking. 


  • I love this, Bryan! Thank you for sharing. 

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