OC for SS After Party // Designing Inquiry Live Discussion // 08-04-2021

We hope you all enjoyed the Designing Inquiry Live Discussion! How can you take what you learned during the session and apply it in your classroom? Post your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Inquiring minds want to know Blush 

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  • Hello everyone! Links to things I mentioned are here:

    Peter Sexias - the Big Six historical concepts are: Historical significance, evidence, continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical perspectives…

  • I am reminded that inquiry is an important way to engage students and create opportunities for awe, curiosity, and the desire to know things. I never thought about it as a way to develop the skill of skepticism…

  • I truly enjoyed this session!  What sources would you all as educators point a new teacher, such as myself, towards for planning great inquiries for inquiry-based social studies lessons?

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