OC for SS After Party // The Power of Media Live Discussion // 08-04-2021

The Power of Media Live Discussion highlighted the importance of helping students navigate the digital landscape so they can be civically engaged and contribute to conversations. What was your biggest takeaway after watching The Power of Media session? Post your thoughts and questions in the comments below. 

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  • I liked Jim's and Jessica's statements about it being ok that we don't know everything. We need to emphasize that more in teacher-prep programs, in our districts, schools, and our own classrooms. We also…

  • Having done journalism with students, and vlog projects, the one thing that stands out the most is the incredible opportunities that appear out of nowhere.  Yes, opportunities to teach, not "problems" or…

  • Reminded me that audio sources are powerful.  The pictures kids have in their minds are based on their experiences, so with some exceptions of course, you are not overpowering their senses.  As they learn…

  • I'm taking away these 3 things from The Power of Media:

    1. Framing the idea of seeking truth through media literacy because truth is relative as our understanding is constantly in development.
    2. When we are confronted with challenging things in the media (i.e. recently the events at the Capitol on Jan 6 for me), that it's important to model for students the need to step back and have space to process what's going on.
    3. Considering trauma that can be produced by showing videos/images (which I tend to rely on) and trying to mix it up more with audio through the listening tools suggested (Listen Lines and StoryCorps and ListenWise).
  • Such an awesome and well articulated reflection! Thanks for sharing.

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