OC for SS After Party // Keynote by Jane Kamensky with Rodney Pierce // 08-04-2021

Jane Kamensky’s conversation with Rodney Pierce focused on the importance of teaching the American Revolution. This is an excellent topic to be thinking about as we return to the classroom. What was your biggest takeaway after listening to Jane and Rodney’s conversation? Leave a comment below on how you will use the information from her keynote address to prepare for this upcoming school year! Looking forward to learning from each other.  

Top Replies

  • We have a very demanding form of government. It’s a lot easier to be a subject of a king. It’s really hard to be in a democracy/republic because you have to be accountable and responsible to participate…

  • Taking away the idea that the American Revolution is still happening! Also, What does it mean to be American sounds like a great question to have a discussion about.

  • This conversation brought up a key piece of what we're missing to create a true full K-12 social studies program, and that is access.  Not just for high school teachers.  What if elementary school teachers…

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