What brings you to the 2022 OER Conference for Social Studies?

The keynote speakers, collaboration with other educators, inspiration for the upcoming school year, or clock hours, people attend conferences for many reasons. So, what brings you to the OER Conference for Social Studies? Share your reasons for attending in the comments below!

Top Replies

  • Having attended the OER Conference for Social Studies in the past, I would say each of these options has been exremely helpful to my work as an educator. Previously, I remember listening to John Greene…

  • This will be my first year teaching OER. I want all the knowledge, support, and excitement I can soak in. I’m worried it’s going to be a long year

  • This will be my third OER Conference and I think what keeps me coming back is the variety of topics and new ideas I encounter each year.  Last year hearing Brian Stevenson talk and then reading his book…

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